Početna Where to Climb Sport Climbing Sites Sector above gas station - Smokovac
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Sector above gas station - Smokovac

iznad_pumpeOne of the numerous smaller blocks is located on the opposite side of the canyon from the large sector called Smoki. Members of the OCP have started equipping the routes on this block because its south-eastern orientation also provides climbing during the winter months, as well as for the opportunity of equipping easier routes. The height of the crag is 18 - 20 m. The approach is the same, only one should continue across the bridge, in the direction of petrol station where it is possible to leave cars, cross the main road, and then walk for 3 to 4 minutes to below the crag.


  1. Ticijana, 19m, VII
  2. Kornjača, 1m, IV+
  3. Žuk plavunjec, 19m, VII
  4. Cikota,19m, V+
  5. 011,19m, VII-
  6. Znoj,19m, V
  7. Samo za taj osjećaj,17m, V+