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Smoki - Smokovac

smokovac_panoramaThe most attractive crag in this area is the one for climbing routes with the height of up to 35m. On this crag there is the largest number of equipped routes as well. At the moment there is 47 route. The crag can be reached along the road Podgorica-Kolašin, 5 kms away from the centre of Podgorica. By the first bridge over the Morača River, by the very bridge fence one should turn right to the narrow asphalt road where, after 150 m there is a lay-by. One should turn back for 50 m, where the marked trail leading to below the crag starts. It takes a 10 minute hike to get from the parking area to the crag. The largest section of the rock faces north-west, while its left end is slightly bent to the south-west. It has a width of 250 m. There are abundant opportunities for equipping hard overhanging routes. The crag is charactarized by a large number of tuffas. Best time for climbing is from early spring to late autumn. Owing to its north-western orientation the rock is not warmed up by the sun during the winter months, except its left south-western section. One should keep in mind that during the summer months the crag is in the shade till 2 p.m. and offers more than enjoyable climbing even when the temperatures in Podgorica reach their maximum. Routes marked with yellow lines (no. 5,10,11) were equipped by unknown climbers from Slovakia during the 2005 summer. First bolts are set at the 6th metre. On the several spots self-made absail rings have been set. Caution. The difficulty of routes varies from V do X-.

Sektori na stijeni





Sektor A


1. Projekat
2. Izvadi ruku iz dupeta, 25 m.,VIII+/IX-
3. Precioza, 31 m., X-/X
4. Tiha Dolina, 35 m. VII
5. Projekat, 35 m.
6. Zvijuk, 12 m., V+
7. Zub, 10m., V-
8. 3Z, 10m., IV

Sektor B


9. Projekat
10. Einstunden hotel,32 m., VIII+/IX-





Sektor C


11. Projekt,(krava - zajac) 30 m., 7c+/8a
12. Mark it eight dude,VIII+
13. Letnje kiše, VII+
14. Osinjak, 15 m., VII-
15. ViP,15 m., VII-
16. Ћирилица, 14 м., VII
17. Proljeće, 15 m., VII+
18. Srce i ljubav, 15 m., VIII-
19. American women, VII,
20. The visit of Robin and Vincent, 27 m., VII

Sektor D


21. Puzavac, 16 m., VI-
22. Punoglavac, 15 m., VII
23. Vegan, 15m., VII-
24. Otpisani, 25 m., VIII+/IX-
25. Hvala, 30 m., VII+
26. Sin city, 14 m., VII-
27. Molto bella, 15 m., VI+
28. Projekat
29. Projekat
30. Српски, 15 м., VII-
31. Slovakian project
32. Slovakian project

Sektor E


33. Kornjača grill, 18 m., V+
34. Prijatelji, 15 m., VII-
35. Vudu vrač, 28 m., VIII-
36. Poštena Didi, 18 m., VII-
37. Nemam pojma, 8 m., III
38. Good luck Ivan, 20 m., VI
39. Leptir, 20 m., VI-
40. Aj sa srećom, 20 m., V
41. Košto, 12 m., III