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Climbing Camp - 2017

Dear friends,

We would like to invite You to our traditional summer climbing camp, which will take place at Grabovica valley, on the southern slopes of Durmitor mountain in Montenegro. Following the free days planned for national Montenegrin holiday, it will take place on 13-16th of July. As before, the whole idea of the camp is to provide an opportunity for the climbers from different parts of Europe to meet, climb together and establish some new routes up to the previously unclimbed or almost unclimbed rock faces. 

grabovica 3

The camp will be established at the last meadow in Grabovica valley, where there are free parking and places for tents, running water and enough shade from nearby trees. The place is “baby friendly” for the climbers who plan to come with their families and children; while everybody is responsible for their own food, transport and trash removal. The organizers will arrange a barbecue party with enough beer for everybody and organize a rescue party on alert during the whole period of camp.

grabovica 1

grabovica 2

The rock formations consist of few sectors within 1,5 hours of approach, with limestone rock of solid quality and heights of 50-200m. Of course, for the better prepared and experienced parties, the famous Boljske grede wall (5 km long, up to 700m high and less than 20 existing routes) is just across the hill, in the neighbouring Komarnica valley.

Although there are only two existing routes in the area, we have chosen the rocks in Grabovica mostly for their accessibility and the good quality, which would enable even the less experienced parties to accomplish their first FAs, as well as the stronger ones to push up their contemporary grades. In any case, we hope that the whole story will end up with one more contribution to Montenegrin climbing map, where there are so many possibilities of this kind.

Although we are ready and willing to help any fellow climber who encounters any problem during the climb, we kindly ask the guests not to increase the level of regular risks associated with climbing. By this we assume the solo and ropeless climbing, overestimating personal abilities and deliberate underestimating the nature, height and difficulties of both the rock itself, as well as the approach and descent routes. We are sure that we’ll all have a better time after a relaxed climbing day, compared to one after rescue mission, however successful it was.

For any additional data, feel free to contact us via our web site www.montenegroclimbing.net and FB profile https://www.facebook.com/groups/montenegroclimbing.net/ .

See You in Grabovica!