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The youngest climbing area in Montenegro was equipped in Kolašin at the end of May 2008 with the assistance of the office of the Austrian-Montenegrin Partnership from Kolašin that are the main donors of this project as well. Work on the crag was realized by five guys from Austria and six people from the OCP who equipped a new climbing area with 31 route in two sectors. The heights of the routes vary from 10 to 30 meters. In the first sector there are 10 routes. It's worth mentioning that the hardest route in the climbing area named 'Disco p....' 30m, IX,IX+ as well as the most beautiful out of the easiest routes named Pop stone IV+ are located in the first sector. In the second sector, or „scorpion wall" 21 route was equipped. In the first sector, for the route No.1, use of a 70m rope is mandatory, for others, the one of 50 m is more than enough. In the second sector for routes Nos. 23,25,26 and 29 we also recommend the use of a 70 m rope. Beautiful surroundings, lots of forests around the climbing area, a spring below the first sector, various routes... what are you waiting for? Best time for climbing is from spring (April) to autumn(October).

How to Get There

Kolašin is about 70 km away from Podgorica, towards the north. It is situated on the Adriatic main road which connects the south and the north of Montenegro and goes further on towards Serbia. Also the Belgrade-Bar railway line runs through the town, therefore it can be said that Kolašin is well-connected in terms of transportation, unless there are traffic jams on the main road caused by frequent roadworks. If you are coming from the direction of Pogorica by the bridge over the Tara River, you should turn right and enter the town and then further on follow the signposts leading to the Jezerine Ski Centre. 3 kms from the town, after the last houses on the left side there is a wooden bridge over the mountain stream; from here continue further along the trail, past the spring of cold and drinkable water, 1 minute to the first sector. At the end of first sector the trail leading to the second sector starts -around 4-5 minute walk.


Finding accommodation doesn't pose a problem in Kolašin. The town is in the tourist expansion and there are lots of investment in the various accommodation facilities, therefore you can choose among several hotels and a large number of private houses and apartments. All depends on your affinities and the amount of money you can spend. There are also several restaurants, for those better off we can recommend Savardak and Brile(a cook speaks several foreign languages), but we prefer stopping off at Planinar, Kod Džoa.... More on tourist offer of Kolašin you can see on the website of the local tourist organisation.

Topos of the routes thanks to the Marcus Groinig.Thanks Marcus

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