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Štitan (Locations)

stitanŠtitan Peak itself has an altitude of 2147masl. It belongs to a group of the highest peaks of the Žijevo mountain range and is one of the peaks with the most stunning view on this mountain. It is caracterized by a large north rock face with an obvious grassed ledge which divides two dominant short rocky verticals, and a large amphitheatre which is open to the west. Crags doesn't go above the height of 200m; those are mostly of a good quality (especially in two above-mentioned short rocky verticals) although there are also loose sections in the grassed and dropped gullies.
A marked mountain trail leads to the summit, and as for other mountain approaches these are identical to those which are described in the section on Surdup Peak. From the described trail to Surdup Peak, this trail forks on the saddle between those two peaks and it is the most ideal descent to the valley of Bukumirsko Lake.