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Surdup (Locations)


Surdup Peak is the highest peak in the region. It has an elevation of 2184masl and a prominent north rock face with the height of about 200m, made of horizontal layers climbing stair-like towards the summit. The crag is of a solid quality. The peak can be reached along the marked mountain trail from Bukumirsko Lake. The north rock face of Surdup Peak is divided in two sections - the eastern and the western, which are separated by a wide ridge of Velji Vrh leaning against Surdup Peak. All descents lead down the south-eastern slope towards the saddle between Surdup Peak and Štitan Peak, and further on down the scree towards Pasjak Peak. In the winter, when snow partially „level" the terrain, it is easier to descend to the lake through the pass between Pasjak Peak and Velji Vrh, while in the summer, it is more advisable to opt for a classic marked trail, which is fairly longer, but also much more pleasant for walk.