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Velji vrh (Locations)

velji_vrhVelji vrh starts or closes (depending on the side from where it is looked at) the circle around Pasjak Peak. Its main ridge, spreading in the direction north-south, leans against the rock face of Surdup Peak, dividing it in eastern and western section. It is characterized by the imposing east rock face, rising up from the dale between Pasjak Peak and Velji vrh, then a wide barrier which turns into the ridge and rims the peak from north, as well as the west face which, intersected with ravines and ramps is its most approachable climbing area, too. The peak is 2020m high, and the height of its crags varies. The highest is the east one, which in its highest section has the height of 200m. The north rock face is pretty loose, it is about 150m high, and it leads directly to the top ridge which is so narrow that one should "ride" at least further two rope lengths in order to reach the flatter ground. The north-west face is between 100 and 150m in height, the crag is of a relatively good quality, except on the ridge and in the ravines where there is a lot of deposits.
Mountain ascent leads from Bukumirsko Lake, avoiding the peak from the west in a wide circle, so the final section of ascent is performed over a hard crevice-covered terrain between the west part of Surdup Peak and the slopes of Velji Vrh peak. There is no marked trail. Descent from the peak down the direct valley implies at least two abseils, so it is not recommended for less experienced and unequipped climbing parties.