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Alpine camp 2021.

Dear friends,

MALI ALPINISTIČKI KLUB organizes a traditional camp on Bukumirsko Lake this year as well, in the period 10-14. July. It will be our pleasure to hang out, grill, swim in the lake and climb (the latter is not obligatory). The place of the camp is the last meadow in the valley, which can be reached by a macadam road from the lake. Accommodation is in tents, food from a backpack, and water from a nearby spring.

The height of the surrounding rocks ranges from 50 to 200m, with about 50 directions of varying difficulty. The quality of the rock is, in principle, good, sometimes very good, and somewhere very, very good. Who insists on suffering in some crunch, without which he believes that there is no "real" alpine atmosphere - there is that. On the other hand, there are several bolt directions where everything is hard and firm, so that the entire range of flavors is covered, so who likes what. Of course, there is no lack of space for first climbs and there are no "closed" projects. Access to the rocks varies from half an hour to two hours. The descents are, for the most part, via the normal line of mountain ascents, most often decently marked.

For those who plan to arrive in a complete family pack, just to note that the location of the camp is maximally baby friendly, as much as it can be on the mountain. The water in the lake is more than good for swimming at this time of year, and in the Katun of Prelević, right next to the camp, they make excellent cheese that is a shame not to try.

Welcome! We are waiting for you!

For Mali Alpinistički Klub
Danilo Pot
camp leader
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