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Fundina (Locations)

fundina_ilijin_vrhThe south rock face of Ilijin vrh (Ilija's Peak) is situated eastwards from Podgorica. The rock is about 12 kms away, it is located at an elevation of about 650 masl, above the Rašovići village (Fundina) and it is easily visible from the city. The crag has the width of about 300 m, in its highest section it has a height of about 100 m and due to its southern orientation, it represents an ideal crag area during the autumn, winter and early spring. The crag is of a solid quality. It has two ascended routes.

Approach and descent
A road to this crag leads through Masline, the neighbourhood of Podgorica, past the Novito supermarket, further on through the Doljane village towards the Medun village; after 8 kms from the city, one should turn right by the information board for turning towards the Fundina village and Zatrijebač village, then continue along the road for about 1km further on, where one should turn left onto a narrow asphalt road towards the Rašovići village, furher on straight along the road to the houses, about 3kms, and when you reach the village and the road becomes steep, turn left and go on to the end of asphalt road. From the last houses in the village one should continue walking towards the crag over the large stone blocks. A 15-20 minute hike to below the rock.
The descent from the top of the rock is possible along the ridge in the direction of the north-west.
In the village, below the rock there are several places suitable for camping, so we recommend you to ask local people for permission for overnight camping. There is a spring of drinkable water in the village.