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Rock Kula - Smokovac

stijena_kulaThe highest crag in the area of Smokovac. Its height varies from 40 to 120 metres, and it has a width of several hundred meters. There is an exceptional potential for climbing first ascents. The crag is located about 1 km from Izvor Hotel and petrol station further into the canyon. It takes no more than 5 minutes to reach the base of the crag after turning from the main road. The highest section of the crag is visibly divided in its lower part by the large ledge at the beginning of which there is an old stone construction - a watchtower, and the rock was named after it.The approach(descent) to below the most attractive section of the rock is possible along the ledge. There is only one ascended and equipped route.

  1. Ivanja, 120 m, VII+ ,  Helli Gargitter, Toni Obojes, Pauli Trendwalker i Michael Thaler.