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Volujak (Locations)

Vlasulja Peak has the highest rock face in the massif of Mt Volujak with the height of about 350m. Central part of the north rock face is the most prominent. Going eastwards and westwards the rock face is gradually decreasing. Central part of the rock has the shape of trapezoid. It is characterized by its exposure and smooth slabs. The western section of the north rock face is about 200m high and it is intesected by chimneys and cracks. There are eight ascended routes on this crag. Like on most routes in this region, the difficulty grades III and IV with rare details of the V grade prevail.

Approach to below the rock goes from Trnovacčko Lake along the trail through the forest to the west to Trnovačke kolibe. Ascent should be continued along the trail leading through the dale on the west, which turns abruptly towards south-east to below the crag.