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Maglić (Locations)

In the triangle among the rivers Piva, Drina and Sutjeska Maglić occupies the smallest space. The northernmost peak of the massif is at the same time the highest point of Bosnia and Herzegovina - Bosanski Maglić Peak(Bosnian Maglic) 2386 m. The peak has the shape of a pyramid, and all its faces are rocky. 400 m further to the south 2 m higher Crnogorski Maglić Peak(Montenegrin Maglic) is located .
The north-west rock face of Bosanski Maglić Peak faces Perućica Primeval Forest. It is about 300m in height. It is rather rugged and compact looked as a whole. An obvious rib dominates its central part. The upper section of the rock face ends in the double-headed ridge.
Approach to the rock is from the end of the road to Prijevor in the direction of the east, over the slopes covered with mountain pine.
Drugi kotao(Second Kettle). Southwards from the first kattle there is the second kettle as well. It is bounded by the two east ridges the southernmore of which is considerably more jagged. From its north side "The Alpine Route" leads to the summit of Bosanski Maglić Peak. That ridge has the north rock face plummeting into the second kettle. It has a height of about 200m. That rock ends on the lower foresummit of Bosanski Maglić Peak. There it joins the east rock face which has a height of 250m. Along its height it is intersected with gullies.
Approach to the rock is from " The Alpine Route" rightwards into the kettle hole.

Crnogorski Maglić Peak

It has a height of 2388 m. Further southwards from the second kettle, the third kettle is located. The kettle has two prominent rock faces, the north face and the east face. The north rock face is prominent for its height and exposure. It has the height of about 300m. Especially in the middle of the rock face smooth slabs and overhangs are noticeable. This rock face via the narrow crack turns into the east rock face which is along its height wrinkled with gullies and chimneys. It has the height of around 250m.
The approach is from the "Alpine Route".
West and south-west rock face of Crnogorski Maglić Peak are separated along the centre with the jagged ridge which lowers down all the way to Stavljani, above Suva jezerina(Dry Lakeland). West rock face starts from a narrow cleft and grassed slope in its extension which separates the south-west rock face of Bosanski Maglić from Crnogorski Maglić. The crag starts with a fairly large rocky mass with the height of about 150m. Further on it increases all the way to the south-west ridge.The crag is rugged and exposed. The central section of the crag is about 300m high. The south-west rock face is situated somewhat closer to Trnovacko Lake. It has a height of about 200m. Below it there is a large scree ending on the grassy slope, which then, over the short rocky vertical, runs downhill into Suva jezerina.
Approach to the rocks is from Prijevor, that is to say from the road to Suva jezerina and Trnovacko Lake. In order to approach it one should surmount short rocky verticals