Početna Where to Climb Mrtvica canyon
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Mrtvica canyon (Locations)

Mrtvica canyon is located in the central part of Montenegro. The river is a tributary of the Morača River and it flows into it at the villlage of Međuriječje which is also the starting point if this little-known canyon is our aim. Geografically, the Mrtvica Canyon belongs to the slopes of the Mt Maganik. The length of the most interesting part of the canyon in terms of rock climbing is about 8 kms. From both sides of the canyon, the rocks with the height of 600-700 m rise up, and those are, along with the Morača Canyon, the greatest traditional climbing potentials in the central part of Montenegro. We haven't got the data that there are ascended routes in the canyon.

How to get there

Mrtvica Canyon is situated near the Morača Canyon along which the major main road connecting the south and the north of Montenegro runs. The access to the canyon is the fastest and easiest from the Međuriječje village which is located 38 km away from Podgorica towards Kolašin. 1 km after the Pjenavac bridge, by the yellow house one should turn left (if approaching from the direction of Podgorica) downwards across the wooden bridge on the Morača River, 200 meters further on to the meadow from where the marked mountain trail to the canyon starts. It takes about 45 minute walk to get from the beggining of the trail to the entrance to the most attractive part of the canyon.


There are no lodging facilities in the immediate surroundings of the Mrtvica Canyon. Before entering the central part of the canyon one passes through the Luke village, in which there are several meadows, but since they are private property it is necessary to ask local people about camping opportunities. Although it surely offers a great enjoyment, sleeping in the canyon is not advisable in the summer months due to the presence of snakes. The water of the Mrtvica River is drinkable.