Početna Where to Climb Morača canyon
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Morača canyon (Locations)

Kanjon_Morae-SmokovacMorača canyon covers the south-eastern part of the central region of Montenegro. The rocks of this canyon provide great opportunities for climbing first ascents, on both short equipped routes and long routes up to 600 m. The end of the canyon in the area of the Smokovac village, near Podgorica, offers more opportunities for climbing end equipping sport routes or longer routes up to 120 m, unlike the central part of the canyon, called Platije, in which the length of the potential routes reach even 600m. We don't have the data that there are ascended routes in Platije. In the highest section of the canyon there are no bridges over the river, therefore future climbers intending to climb on the left side might encounter the problem of crossing the river. The orientation of the crags in the canyon is different, most usually towards the east and the west, but there are also those which face south and north -west, therefore it is possible to climb there throughout the year.

How to Get There

The main travel route connecting the north and the south of Montenegro runs along the Morača Canyon. You can reach the canyon from the direction of Podgorica or Kolašin, and if you are, say, somewhere in the north-western area of Montenegro, you can also reach the canyon from the direction of Šavnik along the regional road through Semolj. In terms of transportation, Podgorica is well-connected with all capital cities of the neighbouring countries by various means of transport: buses, trains, planes.


Podgorica as a capital city doesn't really offer a wide selection of accommodation facilities suitable for climbers, unless you are a lover of the four and five star hotels. At the very exit from the canyon, in the suburb Smokovac, 5 kms away from Podgorica, in the immediate surroundings of the crags with the equipped routes, there is Izvor Hotel, the cheapest hotel in Podgorica(tried and tested!). Unfortunately, there are no campsites in Podgorica nor in the canyon.