Početna Where to Climb North rock face of Mt.Hajla ridge
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North rock face of Mt.Hajla ridge (Locations)

hajla_panoramska North rock face of Mt Hajla ridge is the biggest mountaineering/rock climbing potential on this mountain. The rocky ridge stretches almost 2 kms in width, while its height in the section below the highest peak is around 500 m. Due to its ruggedness, numerous steep and grassed gullies and couloirs it can be an attractive destination for winter alpine climbing, in particular, if one take into account that there are no ascended routes.

Approach and Descent.

The details of reaching the mountain hut at Bandžov have been already described. A marked mountain trail through the forest leads from the hut to the locality Grope - a meadow below the north rock face at around 1800 masl. Starting from the hut, it takes about 1.30 hours of moderate hike to reach Gropa, in which the abandoned katun is located. Descent is possible along the ridge following mountain markations in the direction of the east to the first ridge, and then one should descend from the ridge going towards Grope in the direction of the north.


At above-mentioned mountain hut, or if you want to be closer to the crag in the tents on the meadows below the crag. The mountaineers from Rožaje have started building the new hut at Grope. The hut should be built by the end of 2009. By the abandoned 'flats'(cottages) where the new hut will be located there is a tapped (captured) karst spring-head called Studenac.