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Durmitor i Orjen

Orjen_Subra_avgust_2009_097At the end of July and early August,  Kaleza and Vanja are climbed on mt. Durmitor and Orjen.This summer they could  not not get out of MN, so, they decided to climb in the domestic field. The first location was the 250-meter northern rock  of Obla glava peak on mt. Durmitor where theyr filled pants in the direction tn, first time climbed 60 years ago and until now has, as is well known, only one repetition.Impressions: the direction is higly downgraded, at least " Direct ", which are the two of them tried. Furthermore, next destination was white slabs in Lojanik peak, where thez climbed 2 routes bolted by Italian climbers. 2005 and 2006. Impression: routes higly overgraded! Next destination was on the other end of the country. Above Herceg Novi, in the massif Orjen hide some of the best rock in the MN.This time their goal was Subra amphitheater, for the first time climbed 2005 They climbed two routes "Nikoli ne reci nikoli, 310 m, V-/IV and "Naša bića".130 m, V / IV +. Amphitheater is northwest oriented so that you can climb and during summer. Rock is a solid quality, maybe anot so good like in Reovačka greda, but the upper third rocky barriers, providing more opportunities for climbing difficult first ascent routes.